Modern Children’s Books On Climate Change, Animal care, Diversity, And Bullying

Children's poetry on racism and diversity
An educational activities for modern day children. It is a learning resource for parents and teachers, and packed with information on:
  1. Climate change taking care of the earth.
  2. Recycling and caring for the environment
  3. Diversity and tolerance
  4. Saying no Bullying
  5. Staying Safe
  6. Animal welfare and responsibility
  7. Dangers of using illegal drugs.
  8. Racism
  9. Appreciating racial differences
  10. How going to school makes you cool and much more…
Children's poetry on racism and diversity
Children’s poetry on Diversity and Environment climate change


This book can be used in schools or by parents as an additional learning and educational tool for young children as an aid for personal and social development. This exciting book promises to raise a sense of positive outlook and responsibility from a young age.

Children will also learn while having fun taking part in the activities inside this book. The book is structured using both the styles of poetry, and nursery Rhymes. They can be used to develop phonological awareness, thinking skills, and imagination in young children.

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Alternative Holistic Therapy and Reiki Healing For Helps Cancer Patients

Alternative and holistic Cancer Cures Reiki


When I studying for my Reiki diploma; the one thing that stuck out for me, were the number of people benefiting from this hands on healing, were making quick, and positive recovery.

The Power of Positive Thinking | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Reiki healing is a kind of spiritual supplication, but without words; you are sharing the universal life force.  This energy is then  transferred  to the sick patient. It is now regarded by the doctors to be  a form of complementary treatment.

A reiki practitioner puts their hands lightly on, or near your body. One of the main aim is to help you relax your mind, and body.  It is well known scientific fact that we heal better when are in a much positive state of mind.

When transferring this healing energy Reiki, my patients tend to feel:

1. A tranquil warm glowing peaceful fire.
2. A deep sense of inner peace
3. As if a knot has suddenly untied itself and other experiences…

Research has also shown that having a positive attitude can heal the mind, and body quicker than someone who is negative. Having a positive attitude: helps reduce the effects of stress, so that you can manage much better, and cope with recovery.

Cancer Research UK, has now recognised, and seen the impact that Reiki healing has on sick suffers and, also those whom have just been diagnosed with cancer. They even went as far as to dedicate an article on their website! Complementary therapy has come along way!

Reiki | Complementary and alternative therapy | Cancer Research UK

Alternative therapy are now been accepted after years of denial. Some people with Cancer may use Reiki alongside their regular treatment, as a complementary therapy.

Reiki practitioners say that it can:

• help you to feel deeply relaxed
• help you cope with difficult situations
• relieve emotional stress and tension
• help to improve overall wellbeing

One of my clients, whom suffers from an undiagnosed lung problem, was taking antibiotics for five years. He felt that the doctors were, and I quote: ‘fobbing him off.’ His daughters held the same opinion.

I am not only a Reiki practitioner, but, I also specialize in, Breathing Holistic Therapy. My client, and his daughter, were both amazed at the results within weeks!

What makes energy healing so fantastic is the fact that, you can heal from anywhere, time or space, to even online!  Where time, and distance is concerned, there are no barriers to receiving this beautiful loving energy!

This is one way of receiving distant dealing. I however, prefer to heal face-to-face, or online, as I like to see what I am doing, and can observe the improvement.

I can also empathise and connect to real honest emotions, to feeling the energy much better.

What you can expect from my sessions are:

1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
2. Improved sleep and much state of mind for healing.
3. Pain relief
4. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
5. Increase energy
6. Emotional healing and release
7. Help mental clarity
8. Strengthen the immune system
9. Increase in energy and much more…

All holistic, and Reiki treatments, are done with the highest reverence, sensitivity, with of course, confidentiality.

For more information please send an Email, or Text to: 07507486532 or


Do Laws of Attraction Work, and How do I use it to manifest my desires?

Do Laws of Attraction Work and How to create good luck energy in your life?

The laws of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts brings about positive results into a person’s life, but negative thoughts will produce negative outcomes. The person who goes for a job interview, having a positive frame of mind… is more likely to be given the job offer.

Your mind can hold you back in life, or it can be a fountain of blessings,  to create continual reliable source of positive outcomes simply because we alter the way we think about things! Much more on that later.

How does Laws of Attraction Works?

How It Works. According to the laws of attraction;  your thoughts have the power to manifest in your life our dreams. and desires. For example:  if we  think positively, and visualize what we want from life, with the right thought in place; we can achieve the impossible.

In other words, what our minds think about, we manifest  into reality or bring. If we think negative thoughts, we then deprive our mind of the right nutrients.

Is there a secret to laws of attraction?

The Secret cosmic science is energy attracts energy.  So,  under this law of attraction,; the complete order of the universe is determined, including everything that comes into our lives,  to everything that we experience.

It  works because of the way this magnetic power of our thoughts operates. Through the law of attraction… like attracts like. When we understand the sweet science of positive thinking; it will become life changing in a powerful way!

Changing our mind-set… no matter how small, can have such a positive effect on our lives.  Having positive thoughts also improves our mental health as noted in The Mix

How positive change could improve your mental health – The Mix

How to be positive

1. Focus on the good things. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life. …
2. Practice gratitude. …
3. Keep a gratitude journal.
4. Open yourself up to humour. …
5. Spend time with positive people. …
6. Practice positive self-talk. …
7. Identify your areas of negativity. …
8. Start every day on a positive note.

If you want to Change your life and attract Money Wealth:

1. Wealth
2. Happiness
3. Love
4. To be more organised
5. Health and much more….

‘How to Plan a Successful life,’ is a powerful book that is packed with positive affirmations, and practical step guide to making you successful in all areas of your life!

How to Plan a Successful Life: Watson, S: 9781544126913: Books

‘How to plan A Successful life,’ will take you into the sweet science of achieving happiness, health, wealth, and confidence by using method of thinking known as the ‘triangle three thought principle.

Once you understand the triangle three thought vibration you will unleash the power of success, and good luck feeling into your life!

No more negative thoughts! Once you read this book, you will experience from chapter to chapter, how to turn bad luck into good ones… and much more…!

This book is a step by step guide life plan that will revolutionise, and change your mind-set… teaching you the science of: ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE!

Order now with Confidence from Amazon!

Do laws of attraction work
Do laws of attraction really work?
Business & Motivation

Reiki Healing 4 Professionals Work Related Stress Management Telford Shrewsbury

Stress depression management Telford Shrewsbury

Reiki healing in Shropshire is founded by, ‘  I am proud to launch this exclusive service, offering Reiki healing in Shrewsbury and Telford. The session can be tailored around well-being, stress management, with solutions for local based employees and employers, in the comfort of your own homes or at my private surgery.

I am not only a reiki healer, but am also qualified in mentoring, and support management.  I am also the author of:

How to Plan a Successful Life: Watson, S: 9781544126913: Books

So you know you are in good capable hands!

Most people spend the best part of their lives at work, and the stresses, and strains of contemporary living, and working can become a major problem for both employers, and employees.

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), an estimated 500,000 people in the UK each year; experience work-related stress at a level which they believe to be causing ill health. Nearly 5 million people in the UK state that they feel “very” or “extremely” stressed at work. Stress-related illnesses cost UK businesses approximately £3.7 billion each year.

Stress at work – Mental health conditions, work and the workplace – HSE

Employers are looking for days to decrease stress in the workplace in order to combat this growing issue.
Reiki can help employees to develop skills to manage stress better, resulting in:

 Improved productivity
 Improved health
 Increased energy
 Improved concentration, focus, and self-confidence
 Better decision-making
 Improved relationship with employers

After Each Session You Will Experience:

1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
2. Improved sleep
3. reduction in depression and anxiety
4. Pain relief
5. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
6. Increase energy
7. Emotional healing and release
8. Help mental clarity
9. Strengthen the immune system
10. Increase in energy and much more…

All counselling is confidential!

Prices: £35 One Hour.

Send an Email
Text: 07507486532

Community Group Mental Health Well-being also available see link for more info:

% Spiritual Meditation Community Group Telford Shiftnal Shropshire – A Positive Lifestyle (


Why Millions of People Are on Antidepressants in UK and USA and Canada

Why more people are on antidepressants today

Millions of People Are on Antidepressants in UK and USA and Canada

So many of us are depressed today. There are 7.3 million people on antidepressants! That is 17% of the population in UK alone.

In USA During 2015–2018, 13.2% of adults used antidepressants. Globally, antidepressant usage has been on the rise. As of 2020, among select Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, Iceland, Portugal, and Canada were the biggest consumers of antidepressants.

Iceland is the biggest consumer of antidepressants worldwide, according to recent OECD report entitled “Health at a Glance 2015.” Some 118 out of every 1,000 Icelanders now consume these drugs on a daily basis, though the trend certainly isn’t new.16 Nov 2015

Something is seriously wrong in a world that has first rate technological advancement, with excellent standards of living. But why are we more depressed today? There is no simple answer to this complexity.

Causes – Clinical depression – NHS (

The NHS view is that it can be:
1. Genetics.
2. Redundancy
3. Divorce
4. Bereavement
5. Debt money worries
6. Alcohol….

All these contributing factors no doubt will create mental health challenges. Worrying too much does takes it toil on the mind, and our ability to have clearness of mind to go about our daily task.

Sadly, the ‘happy pills,’ that are prescribed as sweeties, does not deal with real human issues. It is also too easy to have our doctor recommend antidepressants as a temporary fix, but unless we deal with the root; we will become life-long customers to strong medications.

But having said that, it does not satisfy my curiosity as to why with such advancement; we are more likely to be on antidepressants! What is it about our lifestyle that is killing us?

From an alternative perspective, modern life can also be part of the problem as to why the number of people with mental health challenges are staggering.
How modern Living affects Mental Health

How modern life affects our physical and mental health

Medical and health information (

According to, ‘Medical News Today’ technology and social media has made an impact on our lives to such degree that we have moved away from nature to an almost artificial life. They also note a link between video games and aggression.

This is not surprising. Video games are becoming more violent, and so lifelike. They are also extremely addictive. Medical News Today, also finds being exposed to 4 hrs of video games can cause depression! Many research have concluded these findings.

Today, we have less quality family time, but instead we have our smart phones glued to our ears, or we are busily surfing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to name but a few…

We see families in restaurants, not talking, but all on their phones! No one talk anymore! We don’t engage on how we are feeling, in general.

The stress of modern living has detached us from the earth, and away from nature. So our spiritual selves craves this life living water to quench our parched soil. But, there are so many things that we can do to improve our mental health.

How to Improve our Mental Health Naturally:

1. Go for regular walks in the park
2. Listen to relaxing music
3. Meditation
4. Join a group or hobby that does not involve the internet
5. Eat healthily
6. Put a day a side where you have nothing to do with social media
7. Get a good night sleep
8. Spend time with friends and family
9. Watch a comedy

Studies have also shown that we rely on social media for our information. But social media is packed with negativity and it has problems with cyberbullying.

Many young people in particular, have taken their own lives because of bullying online. Once again, we become obsessed with a world online that is artificial, and we stop talking to our friends and family. We become isolated.

Spending less time on social media and going back to nature will do wonders for your mental health.
What I have also note is that, since covid pandemic, mental health crisis has increased. Research has also shown that, many of us were really psychologically affected by the lockdown that we experienced over the last two years or so…

So this might also explain why across the world mental health crisis has suddenly peaked. As noted in Mind. the-mental-health-mergency_a4_final.pdf (

Checklist on your mental health

1. Find out what triggers your depression and what you can do to avoid it
2. Are you feeling more depressed because of: work-related stress, relationship, how can you control the situation better.
3. When you are feeling down, do you have a tendency to isolate yourself? How would you go about changing that?
4. How long does your depression last, and why? How can you control the duration? Would going for a walk help, or maybe watching something light hearted?

Keep a diary and be honest what you write in it. You will be surprised what you learn about yourself. You will also start to spot signs of depression and can act swiftly!

Hope this helps and give you some insight. You don’t have to suffer alone!
Online Service

£20 sterling’s One Hr intensive counselling session and advice, and healing. I also do chakra readings on health, and mental well-beings

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply. 07507486532 or email:

All counselling is confidential!

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