Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport

I decided to form a Friend’s 4 life group for people who had suffered from cancer, and just needed someone to talk too. Or, maybe, just wanted a shoulder to cry on… or just to be a part of something bigger in this life.

I myself, had surgery to remove an appendix cancer in 2023, and I can share with you how I felt so numb, and in shock. How I found out I had cancer, was by letter which was not meant for me, but for some other medical consultant.

You can imagine my shock, and horror! It was a painful journey.

But, I was lucky to have a small network around me. However, I suddenly remembered I could have been one of those cancer survivors who had no family to talk too. So, this is why I want to put back into the community using my skills!

I want to start a group called, ‘’Friend’s 4 Life,’ where we all have one thing in common, surviving the big C word!

Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport

Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport 


And we don’t care what religion, or race you are: sex, or gender or sexuality! Everyone needs a friend when they are afraid, and feel alone without anyone comfort them or talk too.

Friend’s 4 Life will have:

1. Table games,
2. Pleasant Chats
3. Coffee and biscuits, cakes light squash.
4. Live singing which you can join in if you enjoy a sing a long or just back ground music and much more.
5. We are opened to game suggestions…

It is a group which will have tons of potential and flexible. So bring along your knitting and join us. You will not be judged nor will we judge others. We are all friends looking for group positive energy to bounce back from.

Everyone should be treated with respect and information shared remains within the friends 4 life group or with that person do the sharing. Confidentiality is a must at all times.

My aim is to bring hope, and light back into the areas of our lives that took away for that moment the ability to assess the emotional damage caused.

So be confident knowing you will not be judged and join friends 4 life!

As a group we will negotiate on which building we can rent and is accessible. First meeting will be on-to-one to break the ice.

S Watson