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Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport

Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport

I decided to form a Friend’s 4 life group for people who had suffered from cancer, and just needed someone to talk too. Or, maybe, just wanted a shoulder to cry on… or just to be a part of something bigger in this life.

I myself, had surgery to remove an appendix cancer in 2023, and I can share with you how I felt so numb, and in shock. How I found out I had cancer, was by letter which was not meant for me, but for some other medical consultant.

You can imagine my shock, and horror! It was a painful journey.

But, I was lucky to have a small network around me. However, I suddenly remembered I could have been one of those cancer survivors who had no family to talk too. So, this is why I want to put back into the community using my skills!

I want to start a group called, ‘’Friend’s 4 Life,’ where we all have one thing in common, surviving the big C word!

Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport

Friends 4 Life Cancer Survivor Group Telford Shrewsbury Newport 


And we don’t care what religion, or race you are: sex, or gender or sexuality! Everyone needs a friend when they are afraid, and feel alone without anyone comfort them or talk too.

Friend’s 4 Life will have:

1. Table games,
2. Pleasant Chats
3. Coffee and biscuits, cakes light squash.
4. Live singing which you can join in if you enjoy a sing a long or just back ground music and much more.
5. We are opened to game suggestions…

It is a group which will have tons of potential and flexible. So bring along your knitting and join us. You will not be judged nor will we judge others. We are all friends looking for group positive energy to bounce back from.

Everyone should be treated with respect and information shared remains within the friends 4 life group or with that person do the sharing. Confidentiality is a must at all times.

My aim is to bring hope, and light back into the areas of our lives that took away for that moment the ability to assess the emotional damage caused.

So be confident knowing you will not be judged and join friends 4 life!

As a group we will negotiate on which building we can rent and is accessible. First meeting will be on-to-one to break the ice.

S Watson

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Cost of Living Causing Stress Anxiety Depression Telford Shrewsbury Free Advice

Cost of Living Causing Stress Anxiety Depression Telford Shrewsbury Free Advice

The cost-of-living crisis is crippling many families in the Telford Shrewsbury area. Many are wondering how worse things can be. The energy prices are increasing, food bills are rocketing, and petrol prices unforgiving. The credit cards have become a dangerous crutch for many families especially now that is it Christmas! The government are too afraid to admit that many of us will suffer mental health due to the rate of living that has hit the roof!

Depression and anxiety at Christmas due to loneliness, is exceptionally high this time of festive season! The Samaritans say they are always busy during the Christmas festive season. It is only natural that it is bad enough being not only in debt due to the cost-of-living crisis, but, if you have kids, or even a single mother and they want presents, this can cause a lot of stress!


Anxiety depression Cost of living telford
Mental health cost of living depression Telford Shrewsbury

Presents are not getting any cheaper. Kids these days are not happy with woolly socks or a thick jumper to keep them warm. They want the latest PlayStation 5, and this can put a lot of pressure on struggling families never mind being single mother! The adverts on the television appealing to struggling parents to compete with the neighbours does not help. We live in a crazy consumer society that functions on greed ‘buy now pay later,’ and this capitalism is why so many of us have fallen into poverty.

The alarmist claims that our gas bill will increase a further £3.000 this year, while many will not admit that we are already in an economic recession.
It is difficult to think clearly or positively when problems just keep mounting up one after the other… Anxiety and depressions also can affect your confidence and how you deal with every-day problems such as dealing with priorities and managing your finances.

It can become so serious that we just refuse to open the debt letters, and worse, we just don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

I can’t help you become a millionaire! However, I can help you with:

1. Organise your debt better
2. Offer deep peace relaxation Reiki healing to balance your energy levels.
3. Give you tips on how to stay warm and use level energy
4. Give you practical advice on how keep your head above the waters.
5. Use reiki healing for your depression and anxiety!

Single Moms depression anxiety counselling Telford Shrewsbury

Free advice cost-of-living depression anxiety counselling Telford Shrewsbury area

I know things are difficult for everyone. But I want to help you! I want you to know that there is a way out! Do not suffer in secret! And don’t for one minute think that the debts will magically disappear as they will not! Having a legal background, I can also look into other areas of maybe cancelling your debt!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Your life can change for the better with just one simple email! My services are free! The only payment is admin charges of £20

Tele: 07507486532

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Why Millions of People Are on Antidepressants in UK and USA and Canada

Why more people are on antidepressants today

Millions of People Are on Antidepressants in UK and USA and Canada

So many of us are depressed today. There are 7.3 million people on antidepressants! That is 17% of the population in UK alone.

In USA During 2015–2018, 13.2% of adults used antidepressants. Globally, antidepressant usage has been on the rise. As of 2020, among select Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, Iceland, Portugal, and Canada were the biggest consumers of antidepressants.

Iceland is the biggest consumer of antidepressants worldwide, according to recent OECD report entitled “Health at a Glance 2015.” Some 118 out of every 1,000 Icelanders now consume these drugs on a daily basis, though the trend certainly isn’t new.16 Nov 2015

Something is seriously wrong in a world that has first rate technological advancement, with excellent standards of living. But why are we more depressed today? There is no simple answer to this complexity.

Causes – Clinical depression – NHS (

The NHS view is that it can be:
1. Genetics.
2. Redundancy
3. Divorce
4. Bereavement
5. Debt money worries
6. Alcohol….

All these contributing factors no doubt will create mental health challenges. Worrying too much does takes it toil on the mind, and our ability to have clearness of mind to go about our daily task.

Sadly, the ‘happy pills,’ that are prescribed as sweeties, does not deal with real human issues. It is also too easy to have our doctor recommend antidepressants as a temporary fix, but unless we deal with the root; we will become life-long customers to strong medications.

But having said that, it does not satisfy my curiosity as to why with such advancement; we are more likely to be on antidepressants! What is it about our lifestyle that is killing us?

From an alternative perspective, modern life can also be part of the problem as to why the number of people with mental health challenges are staggering.
How modern Living affects Mental Health

How modern life affects our physical and mental health

Medical and health information (

According to, ‘Medical News Today’ technology and social media has made an impact on our lives to such degree that we have moved away from nature to an almost artificial life. They also note a link between video games and aggression.

This is not surprising. Video games are becoming more violent, and so lifelike. They are also extremely addictive. Medical News Today, also finds being exposed to 4 hrs of video games can cause depression! Many research have concluded these findings.

Today, we have less quality family time, but instead we have our smart phones glued to our ears, or we are busily surfing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to name but a few…

We see families in restaurants, not talking, but all on their phones! No one talk anymore! We don’t engage on how we are feeling, in general.

The stress of modern living has detached us from the earth, and away from nature. So our spiritual selves craves this life living water to quench our parched soil. But, there are so many things that we can do to improve our mental health.

How to Improve our Mental Health Naturally:

1. Go for regular walks in the park
2. Listen to relaxing music
3. Meditation
4. Join a group or hobby that does not involve the internet
5. Eat healthily
6. Put a day a side where you have nothing to do with social media
7. Get a good night sleep
8. Spend time with friends and family
9. Watch a comedy

Studies have also shown that we rely on social media for our information. But social media is packed with negativity and it has problems with cyberbullying.

Many young people in particular, have taken their own lives because of bullying online. Once again, we become obsessed with a world online that is artificial, and we stop talking to our friends and family. We become isolated.

Spending less time on social media and going back to nature will do wonders for your mental health.
What I have also note is that, since covid pandemic, mental health crisis has increased. Research has also shown that, many of us were really psychologically affected by the lockdown that we experienced over the last two years or so…

So this might also explain why across the world mental health crisis has suddenly peaked. As noted in Mind. the-mental-health-mergency_a4_final.pdf (

Checklist on your mental health

1. Find out what triggers your depression and what you can do to avoid it
2. Are you feeling more depressed because of: work-related stress, relationship, how can you control the situation better.
3. When you are feeling down, do you have a tendency to isolate yourself? How would you go about changing that?
4. How long does your depression last, and why? How can you control the duration? Would going for a walk help, or maybe watching something light hearted?

Keep a diary and be honest what you write in it. You will be surprised what you learn about yourself. You will also start to spot signs of depression and can act swiftly!

Hope this helps and give you some insight. You don’t have to suffer alone!
Online Service

£20 sterling’s half hr Hr intensive counselling session and advice, and healing. I also do chakra readings on health, and mental well-beings

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply. 07507486532 or email:

All counselling is confidential!

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Animals Also Suffer From PTSD and How to Treat Them Holistically

Animals Suffering PTSD Trauma

Animals Also Suffer From PTSD and How to Treat Them Holistically

What made me decided to do this blog, was my own experience with animals. I am an animal lover, who was raised with cats from as young as I can remember. Despite having animals around me for most of my life; I never really understood that they suffer from the same emotions as human beings.

It is hard to imagine that animals are living souls with the same basic needs that we possess as human beings. The animals that we see both in the wild and in our homes have the same basic need from:

1. Eating to Survive.
2. Building shelter
3. Reproducing life
4. Hunting
5. Playing but we call our sports and so on…

The other spectrum to this is that they also suffer the same way we do. As living souls animals also battle with the same emotions that we do.
Animals suffer from:

1. Depression
2. Loneliness
3. Fear
4. Rejection trauma
5. Feelings of being let down…

Most people with animals treat their physical symptoms when things go wrong with them. However, it is not only the physical that can suddenly go wrong but the physical. And sometimes, mental trauma can be far worse.

Lucky, a black and white cat, was rescued after I saw him living off scraps, and living rough on the streets. I called him, ‘Luck,’ because; he had another chance at life. He found a loving home. However, he spent all day in the peak of summer just sleeping on top of the bed, and only moved just to eat.

One day he used my carpet as a toilet, and I was angry with him so I threw him out as punishment. It took me a very long time to get him back in again! He just would not go anywhere near me. Lucky felt abandoned that I had thrown him out. I realized I could not punish him the same way; I punished the other cats who did not suffer from feelings of being abandoned.

Even the other cats knew that Lucky was suffering from some mental trauma. They would smell him, and knew that something was wrong with him.
The only time that Lucky felt that he was wanted, was when I moved house, and brought him along with me, and the other four cats. It was only then he realized; he was loved, and had a home!

I lost my cat Lily to cancer. She was my first ever cat since leaving my parent’s home. I felt it quite badly. Lily was abandoned because she was seen as the ugliest litter. She turned out beautiful though later on as she got older.

When Lily passed away; I rescued Tora who reminded me of her. I suppose Tora was my healing process. She also was abandoned on the streets as a baby, and suffered trauma where she was shaking in the garden so afraid that I would not let her back in. Now, I can’t keep her in the house! She knows she is safe and have a home for life.

My cats are pampered with love. However, when I rescued Yuki my white kitten and Nico, a grey and black one; they loved each other, and were inseparable. Nico was my angel cat, but that is another blog, I promise to write soon. However, Nico got ran over by a car, and sadly died. Yuki, the white kitten was so devastated she cried for weeks.

She took the loss really badly. She would look around the house for him and that would make her just worse. Her blood pressure was so high that I took her to the vets. She was on all kinds of tablets. But she was depressed, and her eyes lost not only hope for living, but nearly her sight! I was told by the vets Yuki would go blind! I was devastated.

I knew that the symptoms were bereavement. There had to be something that could stop her from going blind. There had to be something that could make her wants to live again, and stop crying.

I knew what it was. She needed love, not taking tablets for the rest of her life. So I rescued Milly, and Molly, two sisters, and both malnourished coming from an abusive home. They were very young kittens.

I was only going to take one; but I could not make up my mind, so being a big softie; I took them home with me!

Guess what! At first the kittens were afraid of Yuki, and she of them. But after a few days of watching them play, Yuki started to find meaning to life again! Her sad dull eyes disappeared, and her energy became mischievous! No blood pressure tablets and no loss of sight! Love healed her! She found something to live for.

Animals feel pain and suffering the same way we humans do. They have deep emotions and they know when we are sad. If I am going through a depression, the cats know. Because I gave them so much love, a home, they return this unconditional love.

It is vital important to connect with our animals, and really understand their history. It is only by doing this that we can restore them not only physically… but spiritually.

Yuki was going through deep depression when Nico died. She was in bereavement. She was going through the same emotions that we humans feel.
This is why I despise animal cruelty, and hope to make a world a better place through working with charities through my music, and gift of healing, to spread love and not hate or harm.

I hope you will be inspired to understand more about animals suffering PTSD and consider alternative therapy for them.

2021 Best Self Help books for women
Self help books on controlling negative thoughts


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Powerful Confidence Building Self Esteem Healing Workshop

Confidence workshop for women


Powerful Confidence Building and Self Esteem Healing Workshop

Once in a while, we all need that extra confidence and self esteem during our lives. When we have confidence, it enables us to tackle life’s problem that much easier. Building confidence creates the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Confidence is like any other emotion. It is something you feel, and you can train yourself to access it in an instant

There are many reasons why we find that that self esteem is just not there.  These factors can range from:

  1. Damaged childhood
  2. Bullying in the work place
  3. Surviving Domestic violence
  4. Controlling Bad Relationships
  5. Abusive parents
  6. Bullying in the work place and so on…

My unique sessions have helped many people with my reiki healing confidence building workshop.  If there is a valuable lesson to be learnt… it is that, everyone is different. We are all in pain for difference reasons, and lack confidence in ourselves for a wide range of different factors.  One size does not fit all.

Not knowing how to be and feel confident can be very painful and confusing at the best of times.  Why? Because we allow other people to shine, while we are tucked away inside of our shell!

Some of us comfort eat, or resort, to drifting into a spiral of hopelessness. Everyone else around us just seem to just receive praise and adulation, at times, when they don’t deserve it! Or we end up becoming someone else’s door mat.  The list is endless…

Building confidence and self esteem is all about inner healing. It is about understanding the ROOT to begin with and exploring entangling the negative attachment. Self esteem is an emotional energy of self acceptance, and learning to love ourselves for whom and what we are.  As long as this energy works in harmony with each other, our confidence will begin to grow.

Your confidence and self esteem Reiki sessions are unique and personalize! There is nothing else similar to it! The reiki session is not only energy healing but also one-to-one deep interactive counselling.

Reiki Confidence Self Esteem Workshop Will Cover:

  1. Releasing the emotional attachment to self hate and doubt
  2. Changing your mindset how you see yourself.
  3. Healing Spiritual and Emotional Traumas where the damage was created!
  4. Empowering you with positive mantras with life changing words!
  5. Reset and rewire your negative thoughts
  6. Crying it out and letting it go!
  7. Helping you to look to the future and not dwell in the past…!
  8. Training your brain to let go off negative thoughts
  9. Deep Piano (live) positive building music therapy

At the end of each session you will also feel the following:

  1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
  2. Improved sleep
  3. reduction in depression and anxiety
  4. Pain relief
  5. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
  6. Increase energy
  7. Emotional healing and release
  8. Help mental clarity
  9. Strengthen the immune system
  10. Increase in energy and much more…

Depending on how deep the root of the problem is, the healing process can at times unleash buried emotions that were too painful and sore at the time to deal with! Remember! No healing can be done without first digging up old weeds that were preventing the flowers from blossoming! In order for the roses to grow, the weeds first must be removed!  And this can result in a lot of emotions coming out!

Once we begin to tackle the past, while allowing new seeds to fertilize our minds, fresh root will begin to sprout!

This is the beginning of building an awesome confidence you never knew existed!  There was not one person that I could not help! Your healing, your peace of mind, and new found confidence, is my guarantee!

Your Confidence Building Self Esteem building Workshop can be done either Zoom Skype or Whatsapp or in person!  Online… it is just as powerful!

Or you can do it in person one-to-one.  Please, don’t suffer alone!  I am here to help you and assure you that everything happens for a reason. No matter how painful the journey!

Remember, the most beautiful diamonds are found in the darkest places of the earth crust.  Your soul at this moment is in a dark place because a miracle is waiting to happen in your life.  You cannot see it now.  But you will. I promise you!

And I will help you not only during this healing process, but to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.  We started this journey together, we will fight the storm and rain, but like superwoman, we will get through to the other end! I will never leave anyone in the rain!

So isn’t it time for you to be healed, and to let go off the past?  A world of confidence is waiting for you to discover it. Are you ready for it? I will help you breathe through the pain and will celebrate your new self esteem victory! Are you claiming it?

Don’t give up have faith in yourself; as you are almost at the winning line! I can take you to the next level where you will have confidence in abundance!  If you don’t know what it is like to have super confidence, and self esteem… you are about to experience it! For the first time in your life you will be in full control of your destiny!

Control your Destiny and Your thoughts
Change Your negative thoughts for positive thinking

All my sessions are confidential and not shared with anyone.

I am only a phone call away or email!

Mobile 07507486532

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