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Personalized Angel Music Healing MP3 Download

Subliminal music therapy for mindfulness

New to apositivelifestyle is our new digital revolutionary music intensive therapy.  How it works:  we customize the music for your specific needs and it is all subliminal.

What subliminal mean is that: while you are relaxing or sleeping and listening to the relaxing waves of the ambient angel music, your subconscious mind will pick up on the hidden messages.  You don’y have to do anything.  Just act as normal when you are resting.  You could even play it at night before you drift off to sleep. The subconscious mind will still pick up the coded messages.

Why it is So Powerful on the Brain

Why this works so powerfully is because, your conscious mind can not reject the positive words of healing, and empowering messages behind the music. People who lack self confidence, will find this particularly useful.

The beta frequency used will calm your mind body and spirit to a receptive state where healing can begin to work.  We cover:

  1. PTSD
  2. Sexual Abuse
  3. Emotional Healing
  4. Music to alleviate pain and discomfort
  5. Confidence
  6. Stop worrying
  7. Depression and anxiety Bullying and much more.

A standard Reiki healing music download is £10  However, if you want it customized for a specific purposes, just tell us what words you want us to use such as: ‘I am feeling confident about myself’ I will not live my life worry over things I can not change’ etc… and we will put these words in certain places of the music.

This will cost £40

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How to Plan a Successful Life

  1. Do you find yourself preventing your own success in life? 2.7
  2. Having problems  reaching your personal goals?
  3. Do you have business ideas but not sure how to go about it?
  4. Do you need a motivational and positive attitude towards life?
  5. Do you know about the laws of attraction but need it to be explained to step by step for guaranteed success in everything that you do in your life?
  6. Do sometimes wish that you could remain positive even in the most challenging of situation?

Image result for yes I do

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, and you want more out of your life; then this powerful book will empower you to an all round success, and happiness!

What this Book Will Do!

It will show you a step by step guide on how to manage your life better, and help you handle your emotions, goals planning, and is packed with practical. and positive affirmations; making your journey most enjoyable, and filled with endless advice…!

You will also be shown how to create your own universal good luck using the secret coded principles of the ‘laws of attraction’ Which you will not find anywhere…!

The Power is Within Your Home!

You will also to it learn how to turn your home and talents into a business plan by adopting the sweet science of spotting the diamond in the rough!

When reading this book you can’t help but be inspired by reading amazing stories of countless celebrities who were homeless, and are now multimillionaires or the normal person off the street who turn their lives around from having nothing but their desire to change their situation!

The secret to being successful in all aspects of your life; you will find in this new, and powerful #self help book! ‘How to plan A Successful life,’ will take you into the sweet science of achieving happiness, health, wealth, and confidence by using method of thinking known as the ‘triangle three thought principle.’

The Book that Will Change Your negative Mindset!

This technique has been tried, and tested with clients whom have moved on to making good money, having achieving happiness in all areas of their lives!

So be inspired, and ready for that change because it will happen in your life! Because it is also packed with great ideas designed to motivate you the reader into having infinite self belief… showing you that behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining!

The moral of this book is that you should never give up no matter how frustrating life can be; or goals that seems to be unbelievable but learn how to alter your mindset, as to how you approach the problem!

This modern, and life changing book; touches upon the writer’s own experience with him being once destitute, and homeless begging on the street corners! But he explains the principles in his book to demonstrate that no matter where you are in this life; you can also be successful, and reach your destiny no matter what the odds stacked against you! This book is one you will not want to put down!

A book that is for everyone no matter what your status is in life! As it is packed with beautiful poetic inspirations, visual exercises, visualization techniques, people skills, #motivation, #goal settings… confidence building, everything to make your life successful! It will prove to be one of the most powerful inspiring self help book you will find today, success guaranteed!

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Most Powerful life changing self help book ever!