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The cost-of-living crisis is crippling many families in the Telford Shrewsbury area. Many are wondering how worse things can be. The energy prices are increasing, food bills are rocketing, and petrol prices unforgiving. The credit cards have become a dangerous crutch for many families especially now that is it Christmas! The government are too afraid to admit that many of us will suffer mental health due to the rate of living that has hit the roof!

Depression and anxiety at Christmas due to loneliness, is exceptionally high this time of festive season! The Samaritans say they are always busy during the Christmas festive season. It is only natural that it is bad enough being not only in debt due to the cost-of-living crisis, but, if you have kids, or even a single mother and they want presents, this can cause a lot of stress!


Anxiety depression Cost of living telford
Mental health cost of living depression Telford Shrewsbury

Presents are not getting any cheaper. Kids these days are not happy with woolly socks or a thick jumper to keep them warm. They want the latest PlayStation 5, and this can put a lot of pressure on struggling families never mind being single mother! The adverts on the television appealing to struggling parents to compete with the neighbours does not help. We live in a crazy consumer society that functions on greed ‘buy now pay later,’ and this capitalism is why so many of us have fallen into poverty.

The alarmist claims that our gas bill will increase a further £3.000 this year, while many will not admit that we are already in an economic recession.
It is difficult to think clearly or positively when problems just keep mounting up one after the other… Anxiety and depressions also can affect your confidence and how you deal with every-day problems such as dealing with priorities and managing your finances.

It can become so serious that we just refuse to open the debt letters, and worse, we just don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

I can’t help you become a millionaire! However, I can help you with:

1. Organise your debt better
2. Offer deep peace relaxation Reiki healing to balance your energy levels.
3. Give you tips on how to stay warm and use level energy
4. Give you practical advice on how keep your head above the waters.
5. Use reiki healing for your depression and anxiety!

Single Moms depression anxiety counselling Telford Shrewsbury

Free advice cost-of-living depression anxiety counselling Telford Shrewsbury area

I know things are difficult for everyone. But I want to help you! I want you to know that there is a way out! Do not suffer in secret! And don’t for one minute think that the debts will magically disappear as they will not! Having a legal background, I can also look into other areas of maybe cancelling your debt!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Your life can change for the better with just one simple email! My services are free! The only payment is admin charges of £20

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