Children's poetry on racism and diversity
An educational activities for modern day children. It is a learning resource for parents and teachers, and packed with information on:
  1. Climate change taking care of the earth.
  2. Recycling and caring for the environment
  3. Diversity and tolerance
  4. Saying no Bullying
  5. Staying Safe
  6. Animal welfare and responsibility
  7. Dangers of using illegal drugs.
  8. Racism
  9. Appreciating racial differences
  10. How going to school makes you cool and much more…
Children's poetry on racism and diversity
Children’s poetry on Diversity and Environment climate change


This book can be used in schools or by parents as an additional learning and educational tool for young children as an aid for personal and social development. This exciting book promises to raise a sense of positive outlook and responsibility from a young age.

Children will also learn while having fun taking part in the activities inside this book. The book is structured using both the styles of poetry, and nursery Rhymes. They can be used to develop phonological awareness, thinking skills, and imagination in young children.

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