Mindfulness Power Breath Techniques 2 Stop Negative Thoughts within Seconds

meditation to control negative thoughts


I want to focus this blog on people who suffer with negative thinking. There are many of us who do. The problem with negative thinking is that, once we get sucked into that mind set of self-criticism; it is difficult to get out from it.

Breathing has the power to inject natural endorphins into our bodies. While the Western world gives out happy pills to subside our anxieties or negative thoughts, our cousins in India, were practicing the art of breathing as a science.

• Research shows that breathing may have the ability to change your body’s genetic instructions.

Imagine that! Suddenly, that the Indians were telling us for so long; only now we have just jumped on board, and beginning to understand the sweet science of breathing for mindfulness.

When our mind is besieged with negative thoughts, it can be difficult to navigate it to positive thinking. In fact, the more we try; the difficult it can become. Trying to fake being positive does not work! This is why a lot of motivational speakers are on the wrong track.

You can’t talk someone into being positive, and stopping negative thoughts without introducing them to the sweet science of self-development which is mindfulness.

This can be achieved just by breathing! No religion, no dogma, or belief systems, just understanding the science of being in the Zen moment or the I am self-realization.

1. So what is this power breath?

2. What is this power breathing all about?

It is being conscious of your inner being. This awakening of self immediately removes the negative thoughts.
It is about tapping into the spiritual reservoir of plenty without even trying. It is about stepping out of the time zone, away from the clutter of life, and just practicing mindfulness. In this reservoir you can drink to your heart contents as each sip will take you deeper into mindfulness without you even trying.

The way we breathe from this reservoir can impact our whole body, helping it to regulate important functions such as heart rate and high blood pressure. It can also reinforce proper body mechanics that put less stress on your body as you move. Deep breathing is also called abdominal or belly breathing.

Right now while you are reading this, you are not aware that you are breathing! The reason being is that we take it for granted. We are more aware of what’s going on inside our heads than tapping into this natural energy.

Herbert Benson was one of the pioneers in mind-body medicine. He identified the body’s relaxation response, which was activated by diaphragmatic breathing and slowed everything down.

Recent research showed that individuals who practiced meditation had changes in 172 genes that regulate everything from inflammation and glucose metabolism to blood pressure and even circadian rhythms.
The power to change your mind set and negative thoughts, all along was within your grasp. The answer was closer than you think.

Mindfulness Exercise
I want you to just to visualise a beautiful still lake, or even a scenic waterfall… You are so taken by its beauty. You notice the gentle soothing wind embracing you as your mind now focus on your breathing…

Breathe in (inhale through your nose) for 4 seconds… hold it for 4 seconds, and breathe (exhale out your mouth) for 8 seconds… Repeat this as often as you like… If you like the sound of running water, imagine that also. As you breathe in, expand your diaphragm (stomach) outwards like a balloon, and then exhale for the same numbers 4 in 2 to hold and 8 exhaling.

Your negative thoughts will have problems competing with this redirection of energy. You can find yourself a quiet spot, and make it your temple space. A kind of holy sanctuary.

You will notice the anxiety or negative thoughts will go within seconds. The reasons for this is because the negative energy is not being fed or encouraged to grow. You have dealt with it swiftly, and made it realise that who are the boss over your mind… body, and spirit.

How to Plan a Successful Life

2021 Best Self Help books for women
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You will find many power life changing exercises that will teach you to control your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations. It is packed with empowerment exercises and techniques on how to live your life happier and more successful.

I also do private Online mindfulness Zoom Skype classes. For more information you can email me at: apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com

Powerful Confidence Building Self Esteem Healing Workshop

Confidence workshop for women


Powerful Confidence Building and Self Esteem Healing Workshop

Once in a while, we all need that extra confidence and self esteem during our lives. When we have confidence, it enables us to tackle life’s problem that much easier. Building confidence creates the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Confidence is like any other emotion. It is something you feel, and you can train yourself to access it in an instant

There are many reasons why we find that that self esteem is just not there.  These factors can range from:

  1. Damaged childhood
  2. Bullying in the work place
  3. Surviving Domestic violence
  4. Controlling Bad Relationships
  5. Abusive parents
  6. Bullying in the work place and so on…

My unique sessions have helped many people with my reiki healing confidence building workshop.  If there is a valuable lesson to be learnt… it is that, everyone is different. We are all in pain for difference reasons, and lack confidence in ourselves for a wide range of different factors.  One size does not fit all.

Not knowing how to be and feel confident can be very painful and confusing at the best of times.  Why? Because we allow other people to shine, while we are tucked away inside of our shell!

Some of us comfort eat, or resort, to drifting into a spiral of hopelessness. Everyone else around us just seem to just receive praise and adulation, at times, when they don’t deserve it! Or we end up becoming someone else’s door mat.  The list is endless…

Building confidence and self esteem is all about inner healing. It is about understanding the ROOT to begin with and exploring entangling the negative attachment. Self esteem is an emotional energy of self acceptance, and learning to love ourselves for whom and what we are.  As long as this energy works in harmony with each other, our confidence will begin to grow.

Your confidence and self esteem Reiki sessions are unique and personalize! There is nothing else similar to it! The reiki session is not only energy healing but also one-to-one deep interactive counselling.

Reiki Confidence Self Esteem Workshop Will Cover:

  1. Releasing the emotional attachment to self hate and doubt
  2. Changing your mindset how you see yourself.
  3. Healing Spiritual and Emotional Traumas where the damage was created!
  4. Empowering you with positive mantras with life changing words!
  5. Reset and rewire your negative thoughts
  6. Crying it out and letting it go!
  7. Helping you to look to the future and not dwell in the past…!
  8. Training your brain to let go off negative thoughts
  9. Deep Piano (live) positive building music therapy

At the end of each session you will also feel the following:

  1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
  2. Improved sleep
  3. reduction in depression and anxiety
  4. Pain relief
  5. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
  6. Increase energy
  7. Emotional healing and release
  8. Help mental clarity
  9. Strengthen the immune system
  10. Increase in energy and much more…

Depending on how deep the root of the problem is, the healing process can at times unleash buried emotions that were too painful and sore at the time to deal with! Remember! No healing can be done without first digging up old weeds that were preventing the flowers from blossoming! In order for the roses to grow, the weeds first must be removed!  And this can result in a lot of emotions coming out!

Once we begin to tackle the past, while allowing new seeds to fertilize our minds, fresh root will begin to sprout!

This is the beginning of building an awesome confidence you never knew existed!  There was not one person that I could not help! Your healing, your peace of mind, and new found confidence, is my guarantee!

Your Confidence Building Self Esteem building Workshop can be done either Zoom Skype or Whatsapp or in person!  Online… it is just as powerful!

Or you can do it in person one-to-one.  Please, don’t suffer alone!  I am here to help you and assure you that everything happens for a reason. No matter how painful the journey!

Remember, the most beautiful diamonds are found in the darkest places of the earth crust.  Your soul at this moment is in a dark place because a miracle is waiting to happen in your life.  You cannot see it now.  But you will. I promise you!

And I will help you not only during this healing process, but to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.  We started this journey together, we will fight the storm and rain, but like superwoman, we will get through to the other end! I will never leave anyone in the rain!

So isn’t it time for you to be healed, and to let go off the past?  A world of confidence is waiting for you to discover it. Are you ready for it? I will help you breathe through the pain and will celebrate your new self esteem victory! Are you claiming it?

Don’t give up have faith in yourself; as you are almost at the winning line! I can take you to the next level where you will have confidence in abundance!  If you don’t know what it is like to have super confidence, and self esteem… you are about to experience it! For the first time in your life you will be in full control of your destiny!

Control your Destiny and Your thoughts
Change Your negative thoughts for positive thinking

All my sessions are confidential and not shared with anyone.

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