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I want to focus this blog on people who suffer with negative thinking. There are many of us who do. The problem with negative thinking is that, once we get sucked into that mind set of self-criticism; it is difficult to get out from it.

Breathing has the power to inject natural endorphins into our bodies. While the Western world gives out happy pills to subside our anxieties or negative thoughts, our cousins in India, were practicing the art of breathing as a science.

• Research shows that breathing may have the ability to change your body’s genetic instructions.

Imagine that! Suddenly, that the Indians were telling us for so long; only now we have just jumped on board, and beginning to understand the sweet science of breathing for mindfulness.

When our mind is besieged with negative thoughts, it can be difficult to navigate it to positive thinking. In fact, the more we try; the difficult it can become. Trying to fake being positive does not work! This is why a lot of motivational speakers are on the wrong track.

You can’t talk someone into being positive, and stopping negative thoughts without introducing them to the sweet science of self-development which is mindfulness.

This can be achieved just by breathing! No religion, no dogma, or belief systems, just understanding the science of being in the Zen moment or the I am self-realization.

1. So what is this power breath?

2. What is this power breathing all about?

It is being conscious of your inner being. This awakening of self immediately removes the negative thoughts.
It is about tapping into the spiritual reservoir of plenty without even trying. It is about stepping out of the time zone, away from the clutter of life, and just practicing mindfulness. In this reservoir you can drink to your heart contents as each sip will take you deeper into mindfulness without you even trying.

The way we breathe from this reservoir can impact our whole body, helping it to regulate important functions such as heart rate and high blood pressure. It can also reinforce proper body mechanics that put less stress on your body as you move. Deep breathing is also called abdominal or belly breathing.

Right now while you are reading this, you are not aware that you are breathing! The reason being is that we take it for granted. We are more aware of what’s going on inside our heads than tapping into this natural energy.

Herbert Benson was one of the pioneers in mind-body medicine. He identified the body’s relaxation response, which was activated by diaphragmatic breathing and slowed everything down.

Recent research showed that individuals who practiced meditation had changes in 172 genes that regulate everything from inflammation and glucose metabolism to blood pressure and even circadian rhythms.
The power to change your mind set and negative thoughts, all along was within your grasp. The answer was closer than you think.

Mindfulness Exercise
I want you to just to visualise a beautiful still lake, or even a scenic waterfall… You are so taken by its beauty. You notice the gentle soothing wind embracing you as your mind now focus on your breathing…

Breathe in (inhale through your nose) for 4 seconds… hold it for 4 seconds, and breathe (exhale out your mouth) for 8 seconds… Repeat this as often as you like… If you like the sound of running water, imagine that also. As you breathe in, expand your diaphragm (stomach) outwards like a balloon, and then exhale for the same numbers 4 in 2 to hold and 8 exhaling.

Your negative thoughts will have problems competing with this redirection of energy. You can find yourself a quiet spot, and make it your temple space. A kind of holy sanctuary.

You will notice the anxiety or negative thoughts will go within seconds. The reasons for this is because the negative energy is not being fed or encouraged to grow. You have dealt with it swiftly, and made it realise that who are the boss over your mind… body, and spirit.

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