Powerful Motivation Start a Business with no money, no business plans!

When I began studying marketing, the key part that stuck with me was the fact that many small companies which went bust overnight, did so  because they could not afford to keep up with paying back massive bank loans. The banks lend you money if your business plan looks impressive, but they are not investing in you only a concept!

A business plan is what it simply is as described.   It is nothing more than a projecting chart of how much money you would like to achieve in a certain amount of time. In other words; it is nothing more than economic fortune-telling.

Let us explore little deeper. A business plan is only an act of confidence based on your future projections,  and how you think your products or services will do. The banks are not interested in whether the goals are realistic in practice, because from the start;  they will make their money whether you break even or go bust.

 BBC The Dragons Den Model

Many entrepreneurs have appeared on the BBC programme: ‘The Dragon’s Den.’  All looking for investment,  using their charms to lull the dragons with their excellent business plans.  And usually they end up getting the investment they wanted  based on their well presented business plan.  However,  when you go on Google, you find tons of pages of these investment that the dragons have made, which all failed to make any money!

What is interesting is that some of the entrepreneurs with the worse business plans, who failed to get an investment from the dragons, ended up being over night millionaires! The lesson to be learnt here is that:  a good business plan does not mean you will be successful, and make tons of money.   It simply means you know how to play the game! Some people are good at passing exams, but in the workplace, are useless at doing their jobs.

So hence, you have a brilliant business plan and loan from the bank, but your business folds within 18 months because you are paying it back,  and just about not going into the red.  This is the real world no one is talking about.  The news we watch on our television screen seldom goes into the real reasons why so many small businesses are failing.  Many are folding because they cannot afford to pay back the business loans.

Powerful Business Motivation and Inspiring True Stories

Well, what the banks doesn’t want you to know is that you can start up a business. You can start up a successful one without putting yourself at the mercy of these bankers.  In future blogs; I will continue to empower small people like ourselves on how to become successful, without being minted with money.

There are people who started off with £50 to their names and now are self-made millionaires to this day!  There are people who were homeless, having no roof over their heads, but now live in mansions! You cannot get lower in life than sleeping out in the rain on street corners, yet managed to sort yourself out… without even a business plan or bank loan! But many have done it!

The secret is you have to want it badly enough.  When you have no money in your pocket you learn to adapt to your circumstances, and in the most powerful uplifting stories in the book:

How to Plan a Successful Life.,’ You will read about rags to riches and real people who were down on their luck and turns things around. So be inspired today!

You will feel empowered and ready to take on the world.  I can guarantee you that each page you turn will motivate you;  with real life stories.

All you need is to believe in you!  The banks don’t know who you are as all they see is a chart, but you are more than that!  You know your worth!  And only then can you ignite that fire to start up your business, and make it a success.

How to Plan a Successful Life,’ is not only practical but full of inspiring hearty warming stories to let you know that you are not alone!  You also can be what you want to be in life!

Business and success motivational books

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Online in Depth Psychic Tarot Card Reading Telford Wolverhampton

                                     Unique Online Psychic Reading Service 

Psychic tarot Card reading Telford Birmingham

Tarot card reading is more than just interpreting the cards. A great deal of mind to mind connection (intuition) is needed in order to get an accurate reading.  I am deeply spiritual, and have a natural gift in reading energy fields and interpreting it. Combine with tarot card reading, has enabled me to give an highly accurate reading.

The reading cover:

  1. Health
  2. Relationship
  3. Travel
  4. Money job promotion
  5. Decisions making and much more.

Or, you can ask me a specific question; I will spread the cards and give you the answer!

All you have to do is to contact me on: 07507486532  or apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com

I will take your email, payments, and and send you an online invite This means no travelling necessary.  Readings are unrushed slow and cost £25 Sterling.

How it works: you choose where to cut the spread of the cards. Ask  specific questions.  Results of reading will then be given via your email! It is convenient.  No travelling with needless stress. And reading results will be highly accurate. Readings will be sent to your email once I make connection with the cards and your situation.

Once payment is made via bank transfer,; we arrange an online reading.

All you have to do is to contact me on: 07507486532  or apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com



Telford Shrewsbury Online Counselling 4 Kids Battling Being Bullying at School!


                 Powerful Online Counselling Therapy for Kids Suffering Bullying in School or face to face!

Teenage Girl Being Bullied At School

What is bullying? Well, it is when someone uses aggression against us.  This could be from using threatening words, or acts of violence or constant name calling. They also treat us less favourably in school. There is usually a deliberate and constant pattern of behaviour where we are singled out.  We are treated differently than the rest of the kids in the playground or in class.

Bullying does affect our state of mind and welling being and of course in the long run… ruin our confidence. The reason for this is because… we blame ourselves  thinking that it is something that we have done wrong!

When we begin blaming ourselves; it leads to an unhealthy self criticism and it begins to affect our judgements, when we carry out simple every day tasks. We begin to question whether we are are competent or simply not popular.

So suffering from being bullying eventually will begin to chip away at our confidence until we stop believing n ourselves while our confidence suffers as a result.

But this is how bullies wear their victims down.  They behave as cold callous predators unfeeling, with a destructive agenda. Bullies will pile on the pressure because they get a tremendous amount of satisfaction breaking down their victims, I know!  I have been a victim of bullying for many years not during my childhood, but when I became an adult. And this went on for many years!

Bullying is a serious problem today, and social media has not helped in anyway. I have helped many students whom have been victims of bullying. We are bullied for so many different reasons, but the popular excuse is always because, we don’t fit in. I did not fit in because I was too creative and not seen as manly enough!

However, not fitting in, whether it be school, or in the work place, can make us vulnerable to this disease.

Good News!

Ellen, a 12 year old girl, whom I used as a case study in my book, had severe speech dyspraxia. She had no confidence, and would walk around with her head to the ground, just acting as though she was everyone’s door mat. Her speech impediment made her a victim to both physical and psychological bullying. Her life was made hell by the kids at her school.

Her parents were in tears, on seeing their daughter in this terrible state. I booked her to attend one of my motivational sessions. After completing the intense therapy, her parents were begging me not to give Ellen anymore confidence! She was becoming a real diva! By the way, the bullies became her friends!

How Does This Powerful Positive Therapy Work?

  1.  I use metaphor, and symbols with background music.
  2.  Reprogramming how your child feel about themselves.
  3. Challenging Self Negative perception.
  4. Powerful Confidence Building a prevention strategy.
  5.  By undoing the psychological harm
  6. Changing your attitude and how you see yourself
  7. I can also offer this service this Online  Zoom or Skype etc…
  8. Your child will also be given a MP3 Audio customise for their need where they can listen to it as often as they wish!

You will witness dramatic changes in your child’s life within weeks. Sometimes it can be instant results! Contact me with confidence.

apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com  or 07507486532 If Outside UK please use the ext code

Prices:    £30 forty minutes

£40 One Hr intensive session





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