How to Life Life Again Without Fear!

Why am I doing a blog on this subject? Well, there are thousands, probably millions of people in our position right now who just can’t seem to get motivated to live life again. There are many people who have just given up and choosing to spend valuable time in bed just watching live updates on the covid spike.

So this blog is for people who like you and me who just want to try and make the most of this life. This life is no fancy dress rehearsal where we are given loads of chances to live it all over again. We are here once, and then the final dark curtain closes. So we might as well brush ourselves off and begin to pick up from where we have left.

Don’t get me wrong; the pandemic lockdown will have left deep scars which we may never recover from. This is a fact of life. However, having said that; we can heal and move on. But what is this healing process of giving us the chance to live our lives again? It begins with you and me!

It is all about a shift in state of mind. Yes, that is right! Doctors will share this secret with you that people who have terminal illness, but have a positive mindset, has more chances of recovering. The ones who have totally given up to the disease never do make it. The mind is everything. We cannot afford to let negative thoughts consume us into a grim defeat, but savagely dig ourselves out from the grave that this damn covid has buried us into!

So by acknowledging what has happened to us during the last 18 months is a sign that we are ready to move on with our lives.  It is a sign that we are digging ourselves out from this hell hole.  We become aware of the situation.  Any healing from pain must begin by accepting what has happened. There is no healing when we bury things and just want to give up.

 Self Diary to Ask Yourself:

  1. How to do I get myself out of this?
  2. How do I make myself feel better today that will encourage me to exercise?
  3. What was the last feelings I had after I exercised
  4. What benefits did I get from exercising?

Just asking ourselves these questions will jog back memories, good ones back to when we use to live and enjoy our free spirited self. This feeling we want to feel again.  We can go through the bereavement process of what covid has done to us, but then heal. Only then will the fire within us to exercise again re ignite. Don’t give up the fight. We are special because we are alive!

If we just bury the pain; the chances are; we won’t find the motivation to live life again. Covid lockdown has spun the world into a manic state of spiritual depression of indecision. So we feel as though we are locked inside an endless black tunnel that goes on and on… with no ending in sight, and light is not in reach.

We have also listened to so many promises of, ‘Freedom Day,’ and relaxing of the rules, but they are never followed up. This leaves us angry and frustrated wondering, what’s the use in doing anything! And it is natural to feel this way.  It has been a very difficult and painful time that we have faced in this modern era.

We need to get back to a set routine; it will make our lives that much more organised. We need to go back to planning our meals, to beginning to once again live our lives exercising.

Don’t allow all this time on our hands to rob us of the gift of life!  Stop watching endless television on the covid spike rate. We have forgotten that there is a world out there beyond the misery of the pandemic!  We have forgotten how to feel human again.  We have forgotten what TIME it is!

  1. It is time to smile again.
  2. It is time to feel the fresh air brushing against our once lively skin.
  3. It is time to breathe again.
  4. It is time to acknowledge what has happened and move on to enjoy life
  5. It is time for a change where you become in control of your life, not covid!

Sometimes we will feel shattered mentally and physically, but can promote positive thoughts of the advantages of changing our state of mind.

  • Does this makes any sense to you?

This is what motivation is all about. It means to give you a purpose, a plan of action that keeps us going. We must keep the will of that flame burning, and the desire in our hearts from growing dim. Once we have made up our minds that we have suffered enough, it will be time.

What it the time?

It is time to kick covid in the butt and tell it to go back to the fires of hell! What time is it?  God is telling us, it is our time! Let me hear you say it; it is our time! What time is it? Whose time is it? Claim it now! Let us live our lives in freedom and with wisdom!  We don’t have to be afraid of the darkness any longer!

Change our mindset and talk ourselves into being conquerors and the masters of our destiny and purpose in life, not covid!

  1. Make a deal with yourself for overcoming covid, and getting into shape…
  2. Act like covid can’t ruin your purpose…
  3. Ask uplifting questions in the morning how you are going to start exercising…
  4. Move the goalposts for these routines…
  5. Plan something small for these changes…
  6. Don’t be harsh on yourself encourage yourself with love…
  7. Start slow. And build…
  8. Don’t compare yourself with anyone run the race at your pace!

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