Since time began human beings have always been troubled with dreams that just did not make any sense. Primitive people believed that it was a warning sign from the gods! But what were the dreams really trying to tell them or the gods?

Our minds are built like powerful computers that stores daily images and record our every experiences and interactions with people. It is therefore up to our subconscious mind to make sense of the disarray and symbols that is thrown at us.

Understanding Different Dream Symbols According to Culture

In order to interpret dreams you must be adaptable and understand that different symbols might mean something else in different cultures!

A cat appearing in your dream might be a symbol for psychic protection, but means a bad omen in other countries such as certain parts of Africa. This is the reasons why it is important that you approach a dream interpreter with caution! One size does not fit all!

Different Types of Warning Dreams

Most dreams tend to have a similar theme. It is up to our minds to be able to interpret these warnings. Of course, the dreams can be so complicated that it can haunt us for the rest of the day. Some people have been known to be disturbed by their dreams for even longer periods of time. Let us look at the different types of warning dreams.

1. Loss of income
2. Cheating partner
3. Death in the family
4. Betrayal or stab in the back by false friends
5. Avoiding a certain situation or travel

There are of course other dreams which acts like positive prediction or what are about to take place in your life such as:

1. Coming into a small fortune
2. Blossoming romance
3. New birth in the family
4. Promotion in a job situation
5. Buying a new house
6. Winning the lottery…

When we have dreams like these we must act on them, fast! Dreams about winning the lottery will appear in different symbols. Dreams are about mapping put a path for our destiny or warning us not to take certain route.

To be become a dream interpreter you must have empathy and have psychic ability to be in tune with a person’s circumstances and emotional well being. It is not a walk in the cold fridge detached from care and compassion. Each interpretation given must have wisdom profound knowledge and not mass manufactured or computer generated.
We are dealing with people’s lives and their dreams do matter and how it is being interpreted for them.

Price Packages all come with detailed writing

£10 simple interpretation
£30 Complicated interpretation
£50 Interpretation and advice to follow

Please note that if your dream is complicated it might take time to get back to you with a highly accurate reading. This is not a computer generated reading so quality is important and good service. If you have my Facebook please send me a message.

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