Alternative and holistic Cancer Cures Reiki


When I studying for my Reiki diploma; the one thing that stuck out for me, were the number of people benefiting from this hands on healing, were making quick, and positive recovery.

The Power of Positive Thinking | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Reiki healing is a kind of spiritual supplication, but without words; you are sharing the universal life force.  This energy is then  transferred  to the sick patient. It is now regarded by the doctors to be  a form of complementary treatment.

A reiki practitioner puts their hands lightly on, or near your body. One of the main aim is to help you relax your mind, and body.  It is well known scientific fact that we heal better when are in a much positive state of mind.

When transferring this healing energy Reiki, my patients tend to feel:

1. A tranquil warm glowing peaceful fire.
2. A deep sense of inner peace
3. As if a knot has suddenly untied itself and other experiences…

Research has also shown that having a positive attitude can heal the mind, and body quicker than someone who is negative. Having a positive attitude: helps reduce the effects of stress, so that you can manage much better, and cope with recovery.

Cancer Research UK, has now recognised, and seen the impact that Reiki healing has on sick suffers and, also those whom have just been diagnosed with cancer. They even went as far as to dedicate an article on their website! Complementary therapy has come along way!

Reiki | Complementary and alternative therapy | Cancer Research UK

Alternative therapy are now been accepted after years of denial. Some people with Cancer may use Reiki alongside their regular treatment, as a complementary therapy.

Reiki practitioners say that it can:

• help you to feel deeply relaxed
• help you cope with difficult situations
• relieve emotional stress and tension
• help to improve overall wellbeing

One of my clients, whom suffers from an undiagnosed lung problem, was taking antibiotics for five years. He felt that the doctors were, and I quote: ‘fobbing him off.’ His daughters held the same opinion.

I am not only a Reiki practitioner, but, I also specialize in, Breathing Holistic Therapy. My client, and his daughter, were both amazed at the results within weeks!

What makes energy healing so fantastic is the fact that, you can heal from anywhere, time or space, to even online!  Where time, and distance is concerned, there are no barriers to receiving this beautiful loving energy!

This is one way of receiving distant dealing. I however, prefer to heal face-to-face, or online, as I like to see what I am doing, and can observe the improvement.

I can also empathise and connect to real honest emotions, to feeling the energy much better.

What you can expect from my sessions are:

1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
2. Improved sleep and much state of mind for healing.
3. Pain relief
4. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
5. Increase energy
6. Emotional healing and release
7. Help mental clarity
8. Strengthen the immune system
9. Increase in energy and much more…

All holistic, and Reiki treatments, are done with the highest reverence, sensitivity, with of course, confidentiality.

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