Animals Suffering PTSD Trauma

Animals Also Suffer From PTSD and How to Treat Them Holistically

What made me decided to do this blog, was my own experience with animals. I am an animal lover, who was raised with cats from as young as I can remember. Despite having animals around me for most of my life; I never really understood that they suffer from the same emotions as human beings.

It is hard to imagine that animals are living souls with the same basic needs that we possess as human beings. The animals that we see both in the wild and in our homes have the same basic need from:

1. Eating to Survive.
2. Building shelter
3. Reproducing life
4. Hunting
5. Playing but we call our sports and so on…

The other spectrum to this is that they also suffer the same way we do. As living souls animals also battle with the same emotions that we do.
Animals suffer from:

1. Depression
2. Loneliness
3. Fear
4. Rejection trauma
5. Feelings of being let down…

Most people with animals treat their physical symptoms when things go wrong with them. However, it is not only the physical that can suddenly go wrong but the physical. And sometimes, mental trauma can be far worse.

Lucky, a black and white cat, was rescued after I saw him living off scraps, and living rough on the streets. I called him, ‘Luck,’ because; he had another chance at life. He found a loving home. However, he spent all day in the peak of summer just sleeping on top of the bed, and only moved just to eat.

One day he used my carpet as a toilet, and I was angry with him so I threw him out as punishment. It took me a very long time to get him back in again! He just would not go anywhere near me. Lucky felt abandoned that I had thrown him out. I realized I could not punish him the same way; I punished the other cats who did not suffer from feelings of being abandoned.

Even the other cats knew that Lucky was suffering from some mental trauma. They would smell him, and knew that something was wrong with him.
The only time that Lucky felt that he was wanted, was when I moved house, and brought him along with me, and the other four cats. It was only then he realized; he was loved, and had a home!

I lost my cat Lily to cancer. She was my first ever cat since leaving my parent’s home. I felt it quite badly. Lily was abandoned because she was seen as the ugliest litter. She turned out beautiful though later on as she got older.

When Lily passed away; I rescued Tora who reminded me of her. I suppose Tora was my healing process. She also was abandoned on the streets as a baby, and suffered trauma where she was shaking in the garden so afraid that I would not let her back in. Now, I can’t keep her in the house! She knows she is safe and have a home for life.

My cats are pampered with love. However, when I rescued Yuki my white kitten and Nico, a grey and black one; they loved each other, and were inseparable. Nico was my angel cat, but that is another blog, I promise to write soon. However, Nico got ran over by a car, and sadly died. Yuki, the white kitten was so devastated she cried for weeks.

She took the loss really badly. She would look around the house for him and that would make her just worse. Her blood pressure was so high that I took her to the vets. She was on all kinds of tablets. But she was depressed, and her eyes lost not only hope for living, but nearly her sight! I was told by the vets Yuki would go blind! I was devastated.

I knew that the symptoms were bereavement. There had to be something that could stop her from going blind. There had to be something that could make her wants to live again, and stop crying.

I knew what it was. She needed love, not taking tablets for the rest of her life. So I rescued Milly, and Molly, two sisters, and both malnourished coming from an abusive home. They were very young kittens.

I was only going to take one; but I could not make up my mind, so being a big softie; I took them home with me!

Guess what! At first the kittens were afraid of Yuki, and she of them. But after a few days of watching them play, Yuki started to find meaning to life again! Her sad dull eyes disappeared, and her energy became mischievous! No blood pressure tablets and no loss of sight! Love healed her! She found something to live for.

Animals feel pain and suffering the same way we humans do. They have deep emotions and they know when we are sad. If I am going through a depression, the cats know. Because I gave them so much love, a home, they return this unconditional love.

It is vital important to connect with our animals, and really understand their history. It is only by doing this that we can restore them not only physically… but spiritually.

Yuki was going through deep depression when Nico died. She was in bereavement. She was going through the same emotions that we humans feel.
This is why I despise animal cruelty, and hope to make a world a better place through working with charities through my music, and gift of healing, to spread love and not hate or harm.

I hope you will be inspired to understand more about animals suffering PTSD and consider alternative therapy for them.

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