How to treat Panic Attacks Post traumatic PTSD


I decided write this blog because someone I am closed to was experiencing severe panic attacks. After she had the road accident, it really knocked out her confidence.

This woman was a great driver, and would be able to drive anywhere within a 500 miles without taking a break, or sharing the driving!

Today, she is a nervous wreck. She has not been able to go anywhere near a car for 10 days, and when she does, it triggers off severe headaches, and panic attacks. Sometimes she would burst out crying.

But what Are Panic Attack Symptoms?

Panic attacks are brought about when you feel that you are not in control of a particular event.

When this happen all kinds of strange feelings overwhelm you from?

1. Visible shaking
2. Sweaty palms
3. Dizziness
4. Nightmares. …
5. Avoiding Reminders of the Event. …
6. Memory Loss. …
7. Negative Thoughts about Self and the World. …
8. Self-Isolation; Feeling Distant. …
9. Anger and Irritability. …
10. Reduced Interest in Favorite Activities.

The shaking happens because the mind is reliving the incident which took place. It is one of the ways that nature warns us of danger, and recollects stored painful images.

When we try to block out events; the sub-conscious mind stores the information, but from time to time, will play them out. It also plays them out when we least expect it.

It does this because it is part of the healing process. If we went through life just burying painful events, God knows what would happen. We would not be able to cope as sooner or later, as a pressure cooker, we’d explode!

First Steps to Dealing with PTSD and Panic Attacks

1. Talk to friends and family, and your partner. Don’t bottle it up. Mention how vulnerable you feel, and why! Talking is good therapy.

2. See a counselor. A good one will help you go through the events and why you are feeling anxious and how to overcome it with great care.

3. Try to not hide away from the problem, but, gently deal with it.

4. Stay in control of your emotions and your environment.

Using Your Breathing to overcome fear and Panic Attacks

Our breathing is the first thing to register when we are feeling afraid or anxious. This could be fear of:

1. Heights
2. Snakes,
3. Spiders
4 Crowded spaces…

Here what to do! Listen to your breathing… rising and falling… breathe in through your nose, exhale out your mouth.

Can you hear your breathe flowing like the sea, rising and falling? Now breathe in for 5 seconds, through your nose, and double on the exhale… Gently, when you are ready, focus on be stronger and confronting your fear head on….

If you would like online counselling on Zoom Skype I will be more than happy to help you overcome your fears one step at a time.

It is time for you to be healed from your panic attack and to discover the wonders that waits for you on this spiritual journey…

I will help you breathe through the painful block, the trauma, and will celebrate your victory when you get through the other side!

Don’t give up have faith in yourself, because I believe in you! I know that you can make it to the next level.

If you are asking for help because of this PTSD that is holding you back, that is the first stage of healing process. You are admitting that a change must happen now in your life! Congratulations!

I will create that change, that miracle that you deserve in your life. Don’t suffer in the silence when healing and spiritual restoration is only an email or phone call away!

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