Deep emotional Healing sex abuse Telford Shrewsbury

Deep Emotional Healing Reiki From Sexual Abuse Telford Shrewsbury

(Please, note, after 8 sessions you will receive a customized self help download, or cd, free of charge!)

Most women who begin smoking do so for all kinds of reasons. One of the reasons are: peer pressure, or just simply boredom. However, there are other people who smoke, or self harm… do so because they are battling with either unconscious traumas, and hidden pain which she seldom is aware off.

Abuse which took place in their childhood or even in later life…
This is how we deal with pain. We block it out and substitute it just to disguise the pain that we are feeling.

Women who have been victims of sexual abuse tends to end up hiding behind excessive smoking hoping that the nicotine will dull the deep pain within her soul or she becomes alcohol dependent. These are ways that she numbs the pain within and substitute the abuse.

The addiction to nicotine acts a bandage to cover up the emotional traumas; whether it be sexual or psychological abuse. Understanding emotional blockage and untying the knot is the key.

By understanding why we are addicted to certain behaviours such as self hate, blaming ourselves, will be crucial as only then can healing becomes effective.

How I help my clients with these kinds of traumas is by getting deep down to the root using:

1. Breathing exercises
2. Guided Relaxation
3. Healing Reiki Energy.
4. Holistic therapy.
5. Intensive unconscious reprogramming the mind
6. Intensive counselling
7. Personalise Mp3 download music can be made for you!

You will find the sessions are, soothing, and having a very high success rate. If you are an avid smoker, or alcohol dependent, or self harming, after therapy, you will feel better and start to learn to love and accept whom you are as a woman without the guilt.

I can help you to break the cycle of hating yourself and blaming you, with intensive therapy which will lead to you changing your mindset and starting to live your life again….!

Online therapy is also available!
All treatments are confidential.

I believe healing is a gift and not a business.  This is why I keep my prices low.

Prices: £20  half hr  Send an Email or Text to: 07507486532 or