Affirmation for women survivors domestic sexual abuse

Affirmation Meditation Exercises 4 Women Survivors of Sexual Emotional abuse

The problem with emotional or sexual abuse is that; we attach ourselves to the pain, and identify with it. When we do this; we lose sight as to who we are as women. Women are more than an object that has been bruised, and badly damaged.

Women are living souls but, in fire forms. We are not put on this earth to meet the expectations of negative lower energies that sometimes comes in male form.

We are not here to meet anyone’s beauty standards! Our beauty is within because we are women!

Before we move on… you are the victim! Let me hear you say it!
‘I am the victim!’ Say that again! And say those words again…

Now that is out of the way… we can now start with really laying down the spiritual ground work! You are not to blame for anything that has happened in your life! And if you are here… it will be for you a life changing experience… you will never forget!

Why mindfulness affirmation is important for women is that: our experiences are different, and how we see the world and perceived. What is expected from us, forces us to lose our identity and the reservoir of our higher conscious self; the inner sanctuary that is so precious one which cannot be defined but remains undamaged.

This is where we are just sacred feminine energy that should be protected and nurtured not abused.

When we identity with our female bodies, and the abuse that comes with it; we lose sight of loving ourselves and can attract the wrong negative energy into our lives! Women surviving emotional or sexual abuse must take back the power… and reclaim the divine feminine energy. It is every woman’s right.

This feminine energy is what frightens men and like fire they need to control it! This feminine fire, the burning flames, is roaring within our earth, it is your essence; it is waiting for you light it!

For too long this flame could not roar, could not speak, could not have an opinion… but it had to be contained!

This female flame is kissed by the earths’ mother to love, and to nurture… to create life; she in many forms speaks wonders of her purpose. We should not allow this flame to go out as this is killing ourselves! We should not allow male abuse to program us to hate what it is being a woman!

Being a woman is a gift! Without women there are no men! Men would not come into existence! Men should bow down at the feet of the feminine flames and acknowledge this magical truth! No life can be formed without women! This secret has been denied; this birthright, now the flames are burning!

Nothing can destroy feminine energy. Men have tried for many years in one form or another! Women are the beginning of life and will be the end of it all! This forbidden knowledge will empower you to rise up rekindle that feminine divine energy!

Exercise Empowerment to try:

Find yourself a space where you will be comfortable. It could be your bedroom, even soaking in the bath with candles… Close your eyes, and repeat these words to yourself over and over again…

• I am stronger than all of the challenges life throws at me.
• I have survived everything in my past and I can survive everything in my future
• I am capable of healing and reaching my greatest dreams
• I survived the abuse I faced, meaning that I have been empowered from the day I was born
• I live my life with confidence

When you repeat these words, breathe in and out, for each exercise. Focus on your breathing; rising and falling…. keep repeating these words… you can repeat these words until you call asleep which means the subconscious mind will start to make the changes in the reality!

No man has the right to control who you for whatever reason! These next exercises repeat is as before. Find a nice a quiet place and say the following:

• I’m worthy of love just as I am.
• My flaws don’t make me unlovable or deserving of violence.
• It wasn’t in my head; they just made it seem that way.
• I made the right decision.
• My home should be a haven of peace, warmth, and safety.
• I am a whole person.

These powerful affirmations are designed for you to take back control as most abusers will try and leave traces of themselves behind! Breathe in… And out… as you focus on each mantra, and mean it!  I believe healing is a gift and not a business.  This is why I keep my prices low.

Prices: £20 half hr.  Send an Email or Text to: 07507486532 or

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2022 Change your Mindset think positive for women
2022 Change your Mindset think positive for women no more victim be a warrior