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Why My Readings are 100% Accurate!

What is an accurate tarot card reading? It simply mean that; the readings that are given will eventually come true in one way or another. If you’re reading states that you will find someone new in your life within weeks, or that you will have money coming to you, or receive a job promotion, then it should happen, as the readings predicts!

The reason why many tarot readers do not get accurate readings; it is because they do not understand the process of using inner intuition, or have the psychic ability to connect with the client and the cards!

So your tarot reading will be highly accurate as I use inner intuition, while the cards will do the rest.

You can have a tarot card reading for any purposes… or simply just to ask  questions from:

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Ask Any Question

1. Job promotion
2. Family
3. Love]Money
4. Health
5. Spiritual Guidance
6. Or if you are looking for work
7. Moving House
8. Business Deals etc….

You can use the tarot cards reading to help you make the right decisions before rushing into anything, no matter what they are!

Why My Online Readings Are Better In The Long Run!

Face-to-Face tarot reading is when the cards are interpreted immediately without deep consideration. Hence why many readers are not able to offer accurate results.

However, online tarot card readings are useful because (after) the session you will be given a (write up) and the readings will be sent by email! You can watch as you see the predictions come true week by week or monthly! So it is a form of spiritual diary!

It also mean you have a record of what has been said! This sorts out the bogus psychics from the genuine!

All you have to do is to text me on: 07507486532 email: apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com

I will take your email, payments, and send you an online invite Zoom or Skype, WhatsApp video call.

Readings are not rushed, but slow, and cost £20 Sterling.