Well being Meditation Group Telford

The lock down pandemic has changed the vibration of our lives in a drastic way. Many of us being challenged by the isolation are now moving towards spirituality and well being.

Some of us, it had made an impact on our mental health. Whatever the reasons; it has encouraged us to explore improving our mindset and well being.

This group is also for people who are meditating for the first time, and just want to know the benefits, and how to go about doing it.

I am starting up a new community based spiritual based meditation group in Telford. It will be unique, relaxing, with the focus on improving:

1. Well being
2. Positive thinking
3. Mindfulness
4. Relaxing music
5. Motivational
6. Inspiring devotions
7. Chanting vibration
8. Group reiki healing
9. Breathing techniques and much more….

It is so unique, that live music will also be available! There will also be opportunities to purchase any relaxation cds that you liked listening too, and positive life changing books!

It is multi faith which means that anyone can come along and get involved. It will be a friendly and open minded people who are warm, and without judgement is welcomed. No one will be left out but embraced regardless of:

1. Race
2. Sex
3. Sexual orientation
4. Or Religious beliefs…

It is a great way to meet new friends and widen your horizon!


There will be opportunity to make new friends during tea and biscuit refreshments break. Please notify via email of any allergies that you might have. I myself am dairy free.


There are 3 possible locations to be decided:
1. Kynnersley
2. Leegomery Community Centre
3. LilleShall

Chairs will be available, but, you can bring your own comfortable mats if you wish to lie down and just drown in the ambiance of sounds and pleasant atmosphere.


It should cost no more than £7 depending on venue and parking availability.

We are looking for new members to get this awesome and exciting spiritual mission off the ground. You can help make it grow by joining, and spreading the word…

To add to our joining list; please email stating you are interested in turning up and getting this going: