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Mental Health and Well Being is now an important aspect of our lives. Many people have failed to see the connections between being bullied, and having mental health problems as a result.

If your working life is suffering because of bullying;  it eventually will take its’ toil on your mental well-being. No one should have to work in an environment where they are being bullied for whatever reason.

But what is the definition of, ‘Bullying in the Work Place? How do we avoid being bullied in the work place? And how to we spot the signs? These are real issues and questions which we need to find answers for.

Firstly, bullying in the workplace, it is when someone uses aggression against us.  This could be from using threatening words, or acts of violence… or constant name calling. They also treat us less favourably in the work place, or to overlook us for promotion.

Also you find yourself working outside your job role, and when you refuse, you are punished. You work harder in your working environment, and as a result becomes a dogs’ body for everyone else who don’t pull their weight.

There is usually a deliberate and constant pattern of behaviour where you are singled out to perform strange jobs as number 2 mentions.  You are treated differently than the rest of your working colleagues and find yourself reported for things you haven’t done! In other words, they try to get you to quit your job.

When your mental health, and wellbeing is balanced,  you can cope better with life, and your health improves, and you can see exactly what is happening.

If your mind is stressed out to the max and anxious, you make poor decisions and your health suffers as a result, and the bullying increases.

When your mental health suffers as a result of being bullied in the work place, this becomes a formidable weapon for the abusers, as now they will use your mental breakdown as evidence that you can’t do your job.  It is a mean and vicious cycle and I have helped people survive it…

Stress at Work Bullying Examples:

Job stress and bullying can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, offered to you, or deliberately withheld.

Job stress as a result of being a victim of work place bullying can lead to poor health, to even injury. You are forever scrutinise as they want to see you fail.

This mean behaviour leads to anxiety, stress and depression. Suddenly the very idea of going into work gives makes you break out in a sweat. Or you might even suffer an anxiety attack at the prospect of having to go through another dark day of life’s challenges.

If you don’t have the time to step back and recharge the battery and put things into perspective and creating an action plan…  My counselling therapy will do this for you!

Not only am I a spiritual reiki healer, and qualified mentor and personal coach; have I also have a Paralegal Qualification, Ilex legal background in Employment Law!

So this intensive spiritual counselling session, will not only be done in a relaxing ambiance, but creating workable strategies while helping your anxieties, depression, and work related stress, and also from a from a legal viewpoint.

These sessions are also available online at a cheaper rate.

After Each Counselling Session You Will Experience:

  1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
  2. Improved sleep
  3. reduction in depression and anxiety
  4. Pain relief
  5. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
  6. Increase energy
  7. Emotional healing and release
  8. Help mental clarity
  9. Strengthen the immune system
  10. Increase in energy and much more…

All counselling is confidential!

Prices: £20 half hr  Send an Email or Text to: 07507486532 or apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com

Community Group Mental Health Well being also available see link for more info:

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